About Denise


After a career analyzing other authors’ fiction, I decided it was finally time to write my own. I sat down at the computer and composed a short story, so bad I can’t remember the name of it, or even how it ended. Over the next few years, I burrowed in like a mole and honed my skills. The writing improved. I scored  short story publications and won awards. I kept writing, mostly novels, mostly set in the distant past. For an occasional breather from historical fiction, I’d go off on a lark, and write a thriller or a ghost story. One such gambol is “The Grid”. It was a quarter-finalist in the 2015 Ghost Story Supernatural Fiction Award contest.  It was also accepted for publication in  THEMA, a print-only literary journal, and appears in the autumn 2017 issue featuring the theme, “The Missing Letters.”  Another venture is my satirical eco-thriller, Sally St. Johns, now available wherever books are sold.