2 thoughts on “North Carolina Writers’ Network Blog

  1. Reading Denise Heinze’s recent blog (Self-Published with Representation: a Duality that Just Makes Sense — White Cross School, 1/31/19) about her serendipitous journey to become a published author; I was drawn to reread her previous blogs on her web page (deniseheinze.com)…long forgotten in the miasma of cyber verbiage. But…while revisiting Racquet Politics (3/8/17), The Grinch and St. Valentine (2/14/17), and First Blog Post (1/27/17), I was immediately transported to another world…a world of timeless truth, priceless literary paintings, and emotional connections. Thank you for reminding me that even in the daily turmoil that broils around us; it is our values, our dreams, our relationships that sustain hope for us all.
    Katha J


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